Borojo will sell out!!


Hi you guys out there. It has been one month since the last post. Activities on the other side are increasing everyday although it might not be reflected on my blog. The designing and publishing of the Office Project is coming to and end. At least the first phase will be over soon It's weird how engineers tend to divide everything in projects, phases and activities and anyhow it works. I just hope to be able soon to post a link here in this blog and you guys can give an aye to the web site and off course I will appreciate your comments. It’s like a humble dream coming true.

But as one project ends others start on my mind. Right now I’m working kind of hard in an absolutely new idea that is keeping me alive (I would also say is keeping me awake because I have changed a little bit my sleep routine). I cannot say anything at this moment but everybody who knows me is supposed to know at the end of February.

Today I discovered the magical properties of “borojo” which is a exotic fruit produced in our tropical forest in particular in the Darien region. I had an idea while tasting the juice I made for lunch: “This fruit can be processed and transformed into an energy drink to sell out there”. This fruit is full of phosphor and it produces no addiction at all. It is also known for the energy that a person can obtain from drinking its juice and all the strength it gives to the organism. In fact, and this I read in another document, indigenous group in the northern region of Colombia had used this fruit for a long time when the have to take long distance walks. All of this is already known, but can you imagine students working overnight and being awake thanks to the borojo-power and not the imported products like Red bull. As it sound funny and crazy right away I have drunk three cups of juice and it seems I will stay some time more in front of this computer. Cheers active and creative people!!!

PS. They stole my idea. There is a domestic product of borojo and noni. Make it bigger folks. Sell it abroad. Why always think small? I cannot be wrong.

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