Last words of 2005


These are supposed to be the last words of 2005. And that would be just in case I don't come over here tomorrow night and frankly I don't want to. Lately I have been half of my life just sitting in front of this computer.

As the NYC said yesterday it’s navel-gazing time and I’ve been very thoughtful these days. It was a great year. One of the best years for me and I hope you guys out there have had your part. I was thinking of everything; you know all the things that happened to me this year and thinking about the one that is coming. It looks brighter but as usual the most part depends on me. We don’t have two opportunities, do we? I better take advantage of my time but I also dance slowly this upcoming year.

This year as a present whoever you are and wherever you are please send "wisdom" to me and to this complicated world.

And for you guys Have a pretty good year and don’t get drunk tomorrow night cuz time never waits. Do whatever you want.

Taking advantage of the big publicity of this blog I want to give a virtual hug and a happy new year in particularly to the following guys (This year I cannot send e-mails as I usually do) who represent something very special and inspirational in my life: JB in France, So Heee in Korea, Tikky in AL, Susan in China, Silva Lauffer in London, Tasheka and Kristin Flowers in AL, Cris Cribbs at Rose Towers, The whole ELI UA Tuscaloosa staff, Yelypress in Magangué, Andrea in San Francisco, Geovanna, Diego, Oscar, Alejandro, Monica, Julian, Edwin, Mafe, Alejandra (o), Luz Marina (best classmates ever), Jimmy Cheng in Taiwan, Idelma in Venezuela, Sungman in Korea, Marco and Leandro in Brazil, to my aunt Nubia in USA and Ruth in Canada, to the BBC guys, to all the SIMCI staff and co-workers, to Martica, Sanrocas, Orlis, Leo, Oscar, Ximena and the Boss thanks so much for your support and for being so patient with me

*******for you guys and the other half that I might forget, you guys rock**********

*********** Happy New year***********

**********Plenty of wishes for upcoming year***************

***********May the sun shine for us *****




This is me in NYC. I really miss that place but I hope to visit it pretty soon. Posted by Picasa

It's seems this year is coming to an end. And like in the Ray Charles song "It was a very good year". Very ver good undoubtedly.
People now that I'm have internet connection at home i would like to improve and update my blog since as you see I haven't come over here so much lately.

Well that's seems to be a new proposal for the new year.
But for now take care of you guys, remember to keep alive and have a very very good christmas time.


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